Act On Ideas OR Waste Ideas

Man it feels good to have a project on the go.

I love writing in this blog and I plan to keep it regular (I’m considering monthly regular, in the grand scheme of how last year played out), but the music blog STUPiD MUSIC that I mentioned in my last post is really keeping me busy in the best way. If I’m honest I was beginning to feel a bit stale, as if I knew that I needed something else to be encouraging me to get creative without having to pick up a guitar, but couldn’t quite find it. Thankfully Patrick was absolutely there for me and the timing of this little experiment couldn’t have been any better.

It makes a lot of sense that I’d write about music; after considering my love for seeing live bands, discovering new artists and albums, and growing up making music. But it was something I’d only ever considered, instead of actually putting time into doing. It just goes to prove the adage of “ideas are shit” and that you either act on ideas or waste ideas.

Patrick invited me onboard and we’ve managed to post consistently for a month now to pretty great feedback, while finding that I love each post slightly more than the last. I often worry when I like anything that I’ve written because a part of me wonders if I’ll ever top it, but having the accountability of a blog that I’ve put my name to has been pushing me to keep writing, and I’ve found that I really feel I’m starting to improve and learn about how I communicate through words because of the consistency.

I’ve enjoyed writing enough in the past enough to somewhat maintain this small page on the internet, but I’m now finding that I’m really happy to put hours into typing when I have downtime or days off. I’ve always loved the feeling of words falling into place whenever I wrote a lengthy email, a piece of coursework, or a cover letter etc. and I’m now wondering… could there be more to this than just playful updates on travel and music? One of the joys of being 22 is that I can put a year into consistent writing and discover that it’s for me, or just pack it all in and still have plenty of time to arrange my life, so for now I think I’ll stick with it.

I’ve found a few little mini victories for myself that I’m pretty proud of, I say these as encouragements to myself rather than to show off (you could easily manage them too if you put in a bit of time).

  • We’ve stuck to a pretty consistent upload schedule, we’ve shared eleven posts in just over a month between us.
  • I wrote a post about one of my favourite bands (While She Sleeps) and caught their guitarists attention on twitter, he wrote a few kind words and shared it.
  • As well as posting words to our own page, through starting on this a friend of Patrick’s connected him with a good sized ticketing search engine, and we’ve both had a post shared on their platform too (good for the portfolio), with plans to continue to share new content with them.
  • I wrote a piece for a friends band who are also a new local favourite of mine and they were really grateful for it, they shared it with their fans and a they said it did really well for them, with a load of people interacting and reading it. (our most recent post, and our most popular so far).

This is all just a lesson in execution for me, and I’m loving it. Let’s see how it plays out.


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