Document, Don’t Create

I started this blog back in March as a way to reflect upon whatever I was up to or into with a more focussed and detailed twist. Like everyone else I’ve posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram erratically for almost as long as I can remember, but despite sharing so much over time, there really isn’t a lot to look back on. I realised that the nature of these platforms doesn’t lend itself to deeper reflection or expression, and I tend to use it as a way to keep in contact, share a photo or comment, without really sharing an accurate narrative of what is happening in my life.

Fast forward to now, over seven months later, and I’ve realised that I just haven’t stuck to this like I planned too, it happens. I spent my summer away Interrailing and exploring several countries with my brother and sister, followed by a brave solo trip further. I volunteered again at at Reading festival and met another group of incredible people, I moved to a new part of Brighton with a new housemate (and a dog!), and have started my first full time job in my favourite vegan foodie place in Brighton; all while spending my spare time running, swimming, seeing bands, and meeting and hanging out with some of my favourite people around. Sadly I didn’t write an account of the majority of this, and if you were to look at the pages I mentioned above you would definitely get an idea of some of it, but it definitely doesn’t capture another incredible summer in any true detail.

I have this vision of being able to look back on parts of my life through these lengthy text posts that not many people will ever read, and that’s part of the fun of it. Even through reading my first post from March 1st this year I’m already appreciating the time it took to write out how that race went down, because it was great, but I had forgotten some of the details that cause me to remember it as great. I’m looking forwards to being able to trigger such detailed and vivid memories through my own writing in the future, and that’s why I’m going to be posting here much more often. Maybe I’ll reflect on my summer and write about those moments, but I have plenty of exciting plans to keep me busy from now until the new year that I’m super excited for and will do my best to document.

I also came across this video today that fits perfectly. Gary Vee is someone I’ve followed online for over a year now, mainly because his perspective on social media, his work ethic and his charisma all fascinate me. It proved to be a little reminder that this really is a great idea, and that there’s no need to fabricate our lives online when we’re likely to get much more from simply documenting our experience.

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