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I’d Miss You, Brighton

Today was my last day of university. I have plenty of hand-ins over the next five weeks, but my time sitting classes is OVER. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m excited to carry on living in Brighton after uni and I am, but it turns out that I’m going to have to move (unexpected). With that […]

Your Summer Needs More Festivals and You Know It

I can look back on each summer and there’s always a theme, something I was into or a place I visited that really caught my attention. Last year it was festivals and I managed to get myself to six from May through to September, volunteering at five and attending one like the majority of others […]

Brighton Half Marathon; A First Timer’s Thoughts

I ran into a few things I wasn’t expecting early Sunday morning as I joined 8094 others race the super calm seafront of Brighton (okay – reasonably calm). I learnt a few things on those 13.1 miles too, here’s a few;