I’d Miss You, Brighton

The massive windmill.
The massive windmill.

Today was my last day of university. I have plenty of hand-ins over the next five weeks, but my time sitting classes is OVER. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m excited to carry on living in Brighton after uni and I am, but it turns out that I’m going to have to move (unexpected). With that I’ve been thinking about where else I can see myself living, and realised I’m actually pretty open to moving away.  I love Brighton and I’ve basically settled in (you’d think so after three years at least), but it’s been a chance to re-evaluate and without sounding too cliche or analytical, you need these things to get in your way sometimes, don’t you.

I’ve started applying for internships in London; it’s a short little trip from London to Brighton, and nothing is definite, but its made me think (and appreciate) what I’d miss the most if I were to pack up and go.

The Coast, there’s just something special about seeing the curve of the horizon (I really need to go skydive to see all of it – bucket list) and being by the sea. This might be because I was raised in Cornwall, but I swear being able to hang out on the beach and get in the sea does wonders for your mental health.

TGE. Have I ever mentioned how GREAT The GREAT Escape festival is? I am in love with this festival. I’ll be there next weekend for the third year in a row and despite spending time at so many festivals last year (I feel like I talk about this a lot), The Great Escape was easily the best of the lot for music and atmosphere. You always meet and befriend all kinds of people on these weekends, but The Great Escape seems to bring out the best.

The countryside – The South downs are great. I’ve actually only been once, so this probably shouldn’t be in here, but it’s comforting to know they’re there… (this summer is going to be all about exploring them on long runs getting ready for my marathon).

Music venues. It’s all about the grassroots music venues here; Sticky Mikes, Concorde II, Green Door Store, Prince Albert among many others.  The Haunt must be my favourite venue EVER.

With small venues comes small bands, and small shows. Local bands, friends bands, touring bands, seeing your favourite bands walk down the street or at the rehearsal rooms, it’s special. oh by the way you should check out The Island Club, Up River, Phoria, Rory Indiana, Fickle Friends and Fathoms.

So much vegan food, so little disposable income. But despite that, when you do what to head out and get an incredible plant based pizza or try an awesome vegan kebab you’re in luck.

The Laines,  the pier, and the pavilion, all those touristy places that we love to hate. (but it’s okay to love West pier, let’s not talk about the i360).

Friends I haven’t forgotten you, there are some lovely people in Brighton too.


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