Barcelona Bro’s


I met Jake many years ago, we had a few things in common that inevitably brought us together, these were;

  • We swam for the same club as teenagers.
  • We went to the same school.
  • We were the only guys in our Media Studies class in year ten, a group of 20+.

The first was realised after the third. The second was obvious, though only after we had properly met. The third provided an essential opportunity to quickly meet and trust each other within a sea of the unknown: women.

We’ve spoken about the moment one of us walked through the door to scan the room and find the other, breathe a sigh of relief and initiate an unsuspecting friendship many times, but we can’t quite work out which of us played either part. I’ll put it down to the ‘new class’ nerves and general teenage anxiety, the same clouded thoughts that hid the upside of being surrounded by a class of intelligent girls, but it happened as it did, and a lasting bromance was formed.

Years passed and we made hilarious coursework together, convinced each other to study music, followed each other to college, played in bands together, and eventually parted ways as I left the county for uni. We kept in contact as you do, met for coffee whenever we could make it, kept up to date with what we were both doing, but didn’t hang out like those first years and rarely saw each other for more than a few hours, until Barcelona.

It was a trip that we never intended to make, but after another getaway of mine imploded because of a dysfunctional friendship group, we got talking and worked out that all our newly found free time may work in our favour. We got online and booked last minute flights and hostels, and found ourselves meeting nice and early at Gatwick airport just four days later, absolutely unaware on what to do in Barcelona or what lay ahead.

We landed and it began; “dude I can’t believe we’re actually here”. My favourite part about these super last minute trips is that you literally don’t have time to process where you’re going to be until you actually make it. The downside was that beyond knowing that we were heading to ‘Bed & Bike Hostel’ and that there was a really impressive but unfinished Gaudi creation in the city, we had no idea what was worth our time. Luckily a friend lives in Barcelona and recommended us some lovely bars and vegan spots, and the hostel hooked us up with suggestions that meant we had a decent base to explore from, so we went at it. I like to think we saw the best bits and I left feeling like we’d really made the most of just four days. Inevitably we discovered more and more as we went, but that means we just have to go back some time, right??

A picture paints a thousand words, and I’ve been using too many words in these posts lately, so let’s take a look. Here’s just a few that we came back with.

Day #1

I rarely play guitar these days, but this arty corner of our hostel provided a great chance to wind Jake up about the fact that he kicked me out of his band all those years ago.


Our first night was spent wandering the narrow streets of the gothic quarter, fortunately Happy Cow was there as always and hooked us up with this little spot.


I thought the dab was dead, but Jake couldn’t resist in front of this architectural gem, the Arc de Triomf.

Day #2

As a throwback to my interrail trip I convinced Jake to do a walking tour, we were shown around and hit up spots including but not limited to: Europe’s oldest synagogue, Barcelona’s Cathedral, Plaza de George Orwell etc. (not fun fact: they HATE drunk tourism and pub crawls are technically illegal).


We took it easy wandering the city afterwards and headed into a metal bar that we were recommended called “The Bollocks”, it turned out to be one of the sickest places of the trip so far.


It was pretty small but stickered like nothing else and had great music, super strong cocktails, free popcorn, and a tasty vegan burger.


The inevitable happened and we went back on our word (we’d be nice and sensible on the way home, not to wind up the locals). Here’s Jake impersonating a paste up that I’d noticed earlier on in the day and loved. I apologise to anyone that saw our snapchat/ instagram story uploads that night.

Day #3

At this point our photos were getting more and more ridiculous.


We made our way over to the Olympic stadium and were absolutely blown away. The scale of this place was incredible and it was pretty special to be able to wander about while it was so empty, out of season travel might be the way forwards.


We wandered on further through the stadium itself and then up to MontJuic Castle. It gave us the perfect view to look over the city and ports, and then work out where we’d been and where we still needed to visit. I bloody love castles.


It was time for another beer so we headed on into the city to find Cat Bar, all vegan craft beer bar with a pretty rad burger menu.


It was nice meeting people in the hostel but with one night left, we needed to get out and explore. We found ‘Nevermind’ a skate bar and fell in love with it. Most of the seating was made out of old skateboards, skate videos played on screens around the room, a full bowl was being skated in the corner, and it was once again, stickered to shit.


IMG_20170210_021858 (1)
We got chatting to a guy called Mario as I’d seen the logo on his hoody painted all over town, it turned out that he was the street artist behind the it and we learnt a load about his experiences painting around the world and living in Barcelona. He goes by the name Konair and this was his main piece ‘the popsicle’

Day #4

On our final day we unintentionally dedicated most of our time to Gaudi, checked out both his Sagrada Familia and Park Güell which were both pretty stunning.


The view was pretty sick (Park Güell).


We made one last trip to Gopal, a vegan bakery and deli that we’d visited almost every day for the most incredible doughnuts. Now we’re back we literally think and talk about this place daily.

Maybe I’ll find a better way to share photos in posts like this before I head out on another trip, but hopefully it’s a decent insight into some of what we go up to. I wish I could show more photos but this would go on forever, it’ll be a cool little reminder for me to look back on anyway which is basically what this little blog is all about #deardiary.


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