I’d miss you, Brighton

Today was my last day of university. I have plenty of hand-ins over the next five weeks, but my time sitting classes is OVER. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m excited to carry on living in Brighton after uni and I am, but it turns out that I’m going to have to move (unexpected). With that I’ve been thinking about where else I can see myself living, and realised I’m actually pretty open to moving away.  I love Brighton and I’ve basically settled in (you’d think so after three years at least), but it’s been a chance to re-evaluate and without sounding too cliche or analytical, you need these things to get in your way sometimes, don’t you. (more…)

Your summer needs more festivals and you know it. Volunteer!


I can look back on each summer and there’s always a theme, something I was into or a place I visited that really caught my attention. Last year it was festivals and I managed to get myself to six from May through to September, volunteering at five and attending one like the majority of others with a public ticket (Slam Dunk South – too much fun).

This July I’m planning a trip where I’ll be checking out new countries like Belgium, Germany, Austria and others (more…)

Looking back on 2015

Seven Sisters

A 2015 highlights post would typically come at the end of 2015 or even shortly into 2016 (you’d expect at least, right?), but this site started last week so that just didn’t happen. With the purpose of this whole project being to preserve the details of memories I’d typically forget, I’m gonna go ahead here and drop a few anecdotes that stand out about the incredible year that was 2015.