Act On Ideas OR Waste Ideas

Man it feels good to have a project on the go.

I love writing in this blog and I plan to keep it regular (I’m considering monthly regular, in the grand scheme of how last year played out), but the music blog STUPiD MUSIC that I mentioned in my last post is really keeping me busy in the best way. If I’m honest I was beginning to feel a bit stale, as if I knew that I needed something else to be encouraging me to get creative without having to pick up a guitar, but couldn’t quite find it. Thankfully Patrick was absolutely there for me and the timing of this little experiment couldn’t have been any better. (more…)

I Can Snowboard

Taking a moment.
Taking a moment.

When an old friend messaged me to invite me to Austria to snowboard back early in 2016, I’m sure he already knew the answer… it was an an absolute yes, of course I’d be there. We grew up together skateboarding, mountain biking, surfing etc. around Cornwall but in these last few years we had naturally spent less time throwing ourselves about outside. You could blame it on the 500 miles between us, university, careers, or whatever, but it just wasn’t happening like it used to. This trip was more than welcome and snowboarding was a sport I’d been craving since my early teens, the only question however, was could I actually pick it up and feel natural/shred in only five days? (more…)

The Great Northern Tour; A Journey Through Sheffield and Manchester

Abandoned buiildings in Sheffield.
Abandoned buildings in Sheffield.

In the last month I made a pretty special trip, I finally made my way up to Sheffield and Manchester to explore some of these great cities and most importantly, hang out with some of my favourite people around. What started as a trip purely to see Architects play a sold out show in Manchester Academy, turned out to be a pretty intense four days of sightseeing, vegan food tasting, city exploring, and well overdue catch-ups. Alongside all this I picked up a new camera to keep me occupied in these unfamiliar streets, so I managed to document a fair bit of it too.


Document, Don’t Create

I started this blog back in March as a way to reflect upon whatever I was up to or into with a more focussed and detailed twist. Like everyone else I’ve posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram erratically for almost as long as I can remember, but despite sharing so much over time, there really isn’t a lot to look back on. I realised that the nature of these platforms doesn’t lend itself to deeper reflection or expression, and I tend to use it as a way to keep in contact, share a photo or comment, without really sharing an accurate narrative of what is happening in my life.

Fast forward to now, over seven months later, and I’ve realised that I just haven’t stuck to this like I planned too, it happens. (more…)

I’d Miss You, Brighton

The massive windmill.
The massive windmill.

Today was my last day of university. I have plenty of hand-ins over the next five weeks, but my time sitting classes is OVER. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m excited to carry on living in Brighton after uni and I am, but it turns out that I’m going to have to move (unexpected). With that I’ve been thinking about where else I can see myself living, and realised I’m actually pretty open to moving away.  I love Brighton and I’ve basically settled in (you’d think so after three years at least), but it’s been a chance to re-evaluate and without sounding too cliche or analytical, you need these things to get in your way sometimes, don’t you. (more…)

Your Summer Needs More Festivals and You Know It

Reading & Bestival snaps.

I can look back on each summer and there’s always a theme, something I was into or a place I visited that really caught my attention. Last year it was festivals and I managed to get myself to six from May through to September, volunteering at five and attending one like the majority of others with a public ticket (Slam Dunk South – too much fun).

This July I’m planning a trip where I’ll be checking out new countries like Belgium, Germany, Austria and others (more…)

Looking Back On 2015

Seven Sisters
Beachy Head trip with Leonie, this place is incredible.

A 2015 highlights post would typically come at the end of 2015 or even shortly into 2016 (you’d expect at least, right?), but this site started last week so that just didn’t happen. With the purpose of this whole project being to preserve the details of memories I’d typically forget, I’m gonna go ahead here and drop a few anecdotes that stand out about the incredible year that was 2015.